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The Ultimate Guide To Packing China For A Move

When you're getting ready for a big move, there is plenty of stress to go around without having to worry about the potential loss or damage of your valuable property. While there is no guarantee that every move will go smoothly, there are precautions you can take in the packing stage to help protect fragile or delicate items like china or antiques. With decades of experience as professional movers, we know a thing or two about how to pack china and we'd like to share our tips on packing china for a move with you!

What Do You Need?

First thing is first – you can't pack fragile items safely without the right china packing materials. When you are packing china dishes for moving or storage, there are a couple essentials that you absolutely need:

  • a variety of small or medium size boxes
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • packing tape
  • markers

In addition to the supplies, you will also want a large, flat space to prepare your china on.

China Packing Tips For Preparing Your Boxes

A common rule of thumb when packing for a move is to decrease the box size as the weight of the items goes up. The same rule of thumb can be followed for the increased delicacy of the items. When it comes to packing china to move, we recommend no more than ten pounds of dishes in each box.

Moreover, you'll want to follow a hierarchy of weight and size, packing the heaviest and largest items in the bottom of the box and decreasing in weight and size as you move to the top of the box. Using specialized china packing boxes that have reinforced walls and divider partitions can make the process of packing china for a move a little easier, but they are certainly not necessary if you don't wish to use them.

Finally, before loading any dishes into your boxes, you will want to line the bottom of each box with crushed packing paper to provide additional protection from any jostling that may occur during the moving process.

How To Pack China For Moving

China Plates

Set a single plate in the middle of the packing paper and wrap the paper so it is taut around the dish. Layer another sheet of packing paper on top and stack the second plate on top to be wrapped. Repeat the process until you have a stack of four wrapped plates. Then you'll want to bundle the stack of plates together and layer them into the box vertically.

Plates of different sizes should be wrapped individually, not bundled together.

China Bowls

Follow the same process you used for packing your china plate to pack your bowls. Bundle stacks of same-sized bowls in sets of two or three.

China Cups

Fill each cup with crushed packing paper to protect the glass. Then wrap the cups individually. Pack the cups into the prepared boxes upside down.

China Stemware

Wrap the stems of your glassware with bubble wrap and fill the cup with crushed packing paper. Then wrap the entire glass with several layers of packing paper. Pack these into the prepared box upside down, as well.

China Mugs

Wrap the handle of your mugs first with bubble wrap, filling the glass with crushed packing paper and then wrap the entire mug. Pack the mugs upside down with additional packing paper in between to prevent movement that could damage the mug handles.

Odd-Shaped China

Fill any odd shaped items with packing paper, when applicable, and wrap securely. If you have china dishes that have lids, wrap the top and bottom separately and invert the lid into the bowl before bundling the items together to pack.

Once all of your dishes have been wrapped for protection, start loading each layered box. All dishes should be packed vertically and all glasses and cups should be packed upside down. Fill any gaps in the packed box with crushed packing paper or packing peanuts.

Label each box on all four sides with “fragile” and “this side up” to prevent any mishandling in the loading and unloading process.

Packing China For A Move And Safe Arrival

With these china packing tips, you are setting yourself up for success and maximizing the chance that your fragile china will arrive at your new apartment or home unharmed. Still not confident that your china will be safe during a move? Check out our packing services here.

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