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What to Look for When Comparing Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Relocating to a new home is a BIG deal, regardless of whether you're moving to a new neighborhood or a new city. Professional movers can help make the process easier and simpler for you. However, there are a plethora of moving companies in Denver, CO. So how can you make the best hiring decision for your move?

It all boils down to your research. Rushing through the process and hiring the first movers you find will only cost you money, time, and emotional distress. Problems with your possessions are the last thing you need during an already stressful move.

But if you take the time to vet and research multiple moving companies, you can identify the perfect option for your needs.

5 Things to Look for in Moving Companies in Denver, CO

1. The Right Experience

This may seem like an obvious point, but it's important nonetheless. You'll want to hire movers who have experience with moves similar to yours. This is because they are many different types of movers in Denver and many may specialize in a specific type of move.

For instance, if you are moving across the country, then you'll likely want to find long-distance movers (also called "interstate"). But if you're moving to a new home in Colorado, then local or intrastate movers should do the trick.

Whichever movers you hire, make sure they have the right experience for your upcoming move. And make sure your experienced movers have been doing this kind of work for years too.

2. A Glowing Reputation

It should go without saying, but the best moving companies in Denver will have a stellar reputation. As you conduct your research, be sure to:

  • Gather local referrals from your friends and family.
  • Check customer reviews on platforms like Google, the BBB, and Angi's.
  • Read any testimonials that are listed on the company website.

While it's best to avoid movers with lower reputations, don't just base your decision on those star ratings! It is well worth your time to read through those reviews too. They can provide clearer insight into a company's customer service skills, quality service, and other expectations.

3. Insurance and License

As a general rule of thumb: never hire a moving company that is not licensed and/or insured.

Those documents are in place to protect you as the consumer. If your movers lack a license or insurance, then they are not legally bound to protect your property. And if your items get damaged during transit, it is unlikely that you'll be reimbursed for the damage.

So, make sure the movers you hire are properly licensed and insured. We recommend using the Protect Your Move tool provided by the US DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

In this searchable database, you can check a moving company's history and credentials. It will also list any filed complaints, which may provide further insight into the licensing and insurance of a given company.

4. Transparent Pricing

Cost is always a top concern when you're moving homes. Affordable movers can sometimes be tricky to find, especially since many companies may not be transparent about their fees.

Pricing structures can differ drastically from one mover to the next (MoveBuddha). For instance, some companies may charge by an hourly rate and provide you with all the fees that you'll be charged upfront.

Other companies may base their rates on the number of movers you use and the number of hours spent on the job. And gimmicky moving companies may provide a low-estimate upfront and then add extra fees later for things like heavy items, pianos, stairs, and more.

It's best to find a company that provides you with a transparent estimate right from the start. If a moving quote seems too good to be true, then it might be best to look elsewhere.

5. A Good Fit for Your Individual Needs

Every move is different. Logistics will differ drastically from one move to the next. If you want a smooth moving experience, then you must ensure that your residential movers can accommodate your needs.

Take some time to think through the logistics of your move before you start gathering quotes. It may help to ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the total size of your moving inventory?
  • Will you pack up your things on your own? Or would you prefer someone else to do it for you?
  • Do you anticipate that you'll need to put some things into a storage unit temporarily?
  • How flexible is your moving timeline?

Some Denver movers will offer additional moving services, like packing services, unpacking services, and storage space. Others may have the bandwidth to accommodate a tighter moving timeline.

When you have a good idea of your moving needs, you'll be able to find the right moving service for your relocation.

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