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What You Need to Know About Moving Quotes in Denver

When you’re looking to move, it can be overwhelming to find the right moving company for your needs. To make sure you find the right moving team, it's best to seek out multiple moving quotes in Denver from various local movers. This can help you compare pricing and find the best deal for your needs. But as you round up moving estimates in Denver, you’ll likely have some questions about those quotes.

How is each quote calculated? What kinds of fees can you expect to find in each estimate? When is an estimate set in stone? Today we will break down all of the key details of your moving estimate so you can make a well-informed hiring decision.

A Simplified Breakdown of Moving Quotes in Denver

First off, don’t expect each moving company to provide the same quote or estimate. Every moving company varies in terms of its resources, abilities, and customer service. As such, each moving company will likely offer different price points for the extent of your moving needs.

Oftentimes, movers will calculate estimates based on a handful of factors, such as weight, truck storage, distance, moving supplies, and more. Most movers will provide an itemized cost breakdown in the estimate of their services, so you can understand how your estimate is calculated.

One of the most important things to note about moving estimates in Denver is that there are three different kinds (Consumer Affairs). These include:

  1. Non-Binding Estimates - This quote is based on the estimated weight of the customer's possessions. Because it is "non-binding," the final price of your move will likely change depending on the actual weight of your belongings.
  2. Binding Estimates - This fixed-cost quote is based on the approximate weight of the customer's possessions. Once agreed, the mover cannot increase the price at all. However, the price will not decrease either, even if the actual weight is less than initially thought.
  3. Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimates - With this estimate, customers have a set limit for their total moving costs. So, if your shipment's weight exceeds the original quote, you won't be charged extra. And if the shipment weighs less than the original quote, you'll only pay for the actual weight. It is sometimes called a "guaranteed not-to-exceed" estimate.

Make sure you understand which type of estimates you’re gathering during your search.

Additional Fees You’ll Find in Moving Estimates in Denver

There are several factors involved in calculating your moving costs, beyond just the total weight of your possessions. The specific circumstances of your individual move will ultimately dictate the final cost.

In most cases, you’ll commonly see fees for the following things included in your quotes:

  • The estimated total weight of your possessions
  • The projected number of specialty items to be moved (e.g., pianos, heirlooms, appliances, etc.)
  • The total distance between your current residence and your new home
  • The projected crew size and the necessary number of moving trucks
  • Moving liability coverage
  • Additional moving services (e.g., packing services, storage services, etc.)

Each moving company will vary in cost for these additional fees. In each estimate, you’ll also see pertinent information concerning the details of your move, such as the timeline of your move, the insurance information on your movers, and more.

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