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What To Expect With Unpacking Services And When You Need Them

When you are preparing to move, there are many factors to consider. From whether or not you need to hire professional movers to how to schedule your packing and moving days to get everything done in a timely manner, your plate is full with decisions, not to mention the actual tasks involved in moving. One service that many moving companies provide that often goes overlook are packing and unpacking services. We’ve talked about packing services before and who can really benefit from this service, but we haven’t touched on unpacking services and what exactly they include. Today, we’re going to discuss what is involved in unpacking services and what scenarios may encourage you to consider this service option.

Unpacking From A Move: A Never-Ending Chore

We’re all familiar with those tasks that seem to never go away...laundry, dishes, etc. Unpacking is one of those chores that seemingly never ends. Every time you think you’ve unpacked the last box, you find two or three more hidden away begging for your attention. This is one of the key reasons that unpacking services have increased in popularity over the last few decades. People are getting busier and busier; they’re constantly on the go, so chores that prevent them from being out and about are becoming increasingly counterproductive to the goals we want to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Enter unpacking services.

What Is Included In Unpacking Services?

Unpacking services through most moving companies are handled by professionals who, more often than not, are also professionals in the organizational or productivity space. They will strategically help you manage the unpacking process from the very beginning to the very end. Traditionally, unpacking services include:

  • Unpacking all of your boxes
  • Unwrapping all of the items and cataloging anything that may have been broken or damaged in the move
  • Putting away all your belongings
  • Assemble all furniture and set up all your superfluous belongings, like shower curtains, clocks, window coverings, and bedding
  • Removal, disposal and/or recycling of all packing materials

In addition to the basics, depending on the level of service you are interested in, your unpacking services can include:

  • Wiping down all the shelves and drawers, as well as additional cleaning services
  • Organizing the house, including things like kitchen cabinets and drawers, storage areas and linen closets, or even you’re garage
  • Unpacking and putting away all your clothing in closets or dressers

How Do They Know Where Everything Goes?

This is hands-down the biggest concern clients have about unpacking services. How will the team of unpackers know where I want my things? As we mentioned before, most of these professionals have experience with professional organizing and can help you strategically set up your new apartment or home to be a successful living space for you or your family. If that’s not a part of the service you are interested in, however, you can sit down with the team that will be handling your unpacking services and explain what you want where, from your silverware drawer to your spice cabinet to the photos you want to hang on the wall. While it may seem time consuming to explain to someone else where you want things to go, it’s certainly going to take less of your valuable time than handling the unpacking yourself.

Who Should Hire Unpackers?

When you’re considering hiring professionals to help you with your move, some of the services may seem like more obvious necessities than others. While anyone who values their time can benefit from unpacking services, there are a some key scenarios that lend themselves more to the investment in professional unpacking than others.

  • Are you moving because of a job change and have limited free time to handle all of the responsibilities that come with this life change?
  • Are you a parent, meaning you are packing and unpacking for more than just yourself, and need more time to manage all of your responsibilities?
  • Did you do all the packing, and maybe even all the moving, yourself and can’t stand to look at another cardboard box?
  • Did you come in under-budget and want to reward yourself for a moving job well done?
  • Are you hosting family or friends for an upcoming holiday or other celebration and need to expedite the unpacking process?
  • Maybe you simply don’t want to handle the unpacking.

We can’t tell you how many clients have appreciated investing in unpacking services because it allows them to settle into their new space much more easily, not to mention much more quickly, and close the door on the moving process once and for all, instead of having it drag out endlessly.

Unpacking Services In Denver, CO

If you are getting ready for an upcoming move, or maybe you’ve completed the move and are bone tired, unpacking services may be a valuable service to consider. Contact the professional unpackers at Amazing Moves today to learn more about unpacking services in Denver.