Friday, 27 January 2023 13:25

What You Need to Know About Commercial Moving in Denver

When you're embarking on a business relocation, it's important to plan ahead and make smart decisions. The new commercial space for your business will undoubtedly be a better fit, but planning and coordinating that move can be a tricky process. And since we’re in a large city, commercial moving in Denver can feel overwhelming for many business owners.

For a smooth transition to your new location, we’ve gathered some expert advice to help get your business up and running again quickly.

Commercial Moving in Denver Isn't Easy

Planning your move at least three-six months in advance is ideal. This gives you ample opportunity to inform your employees, clients, and/or customers, and to plan and prepare accordingly. Hiring a mover that has done commercial moving in the past is to your benefit, as it will ensure that your business move is handled quickly and efficiently.

It’s best to book your movers several months in advance to ensure the availability of a moving team on your moving day. When looking for commercial movers, it’s helpful to find full-service options that can handle the packing process for you and may even offer storage solutions for longer moving timelines.

Communicate with the Building

It is essential to contact the building management teams of the properties that you are moving to and from. Certain buildings have specific moving hours that you must adhere to. Typically, you'll be asked to move during off-hours. Planning your move for outside regular hours can be beneficial for your business for a few reasons.

To begin, it won't disrupt your work schedule. Planning your move at a less busy time of day will help you dodge both street and elevator congestion. If your building has loading bays, it is recommended to not move during peak hours in order to secure one bay each for shipment and delivery.

Get Measurements and Book Maintenance

Speak to the building manager at your new location to obtain the measurements of your new office space. By having those measurements, you can better account for where to place your furniture and other office items. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you visit the new space before you move in. That can be beneficial as it will help you decide where and how to set things up, making the moving and unpacking processes much faster.

Prior to your move, it’s a good idea to arrange a walk-through of your new space with the building manager. This walk-through allows you to identify any maintenance or cosmetic issues that need fixing. Some of these fixes might include light fixtures that need replacing and outlets that are not functioning properly. Requesting maintenance prior to entering any building helps ensure that any issues are addressed beforehand.

Design Your Office Space

Once you have taken the measurements of your new office, you can divide it up into sections and figure out how to arrange your furniture and equipment accordingly. Assign labels or colors to each of these sections to help you better organize the office space and your packing process. Then make sure you apply those same labels or colors to boxes when packing up. By providing this information to your movers, it will save you time by not having to re-arrange items later.

Reduce Your Inventory and Stay Organized

When you are packing up the old office space, take the time to donate or sell anything that you no longer need or want, and buy any necessary items for the new space. This will help reduce your total moving inventory, which can help lower your moving costs.

Don’t forget to stay as organized as possible to make the transition simple and easy. For instance, it’s a good idea to photograph any computer wiring and other technical connections so that you don’t have to stress and can get them working quickly when unpacking.

Update Your Brand Materials

Take care to ensure that all of your business correspondence, from letterheads and websites to business cards and email signatures, include your new correct address. Be sure to let your designer and printer know of any changes you have made before you move so that everything is updated and reprinted when you unpack.

Contact Amazing Moves for Commercial Moving in Denver

When it comes to commercial moving, efficiency is the most important factor. If you plan ahead, Amazing Moves can help you move with efficiency and minimal downtime in the workplace. We can provide a seamless, full-service moving experience that will blow you away.

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