Wednesday, 15 April 2015 15:59

What Your Realtor Knows About Moving

While everyone knows their real estate agent can facilitate buying or selling their home, not everyone understands how their agent can help them with moving. We've discovered some agents who are making their clients' relocation smoother. You can use their insights to make your move easier too.

They Know People

When you're looking for moving companies in Denver, one of the best places to start (other than this website) is your agent. According to Matt Lawson of Briggs American Real Estate in Denver, “Every Realtor has (or should have) what we call a 'Circle of 12.' These are people that are part of a real estate transaction—folks like attorneys, handymen, plumbers, title service providers, home inspectors, and movers. These are the professionals I call because I know they provide exceptional service.”

These are relationships that your agent has usually spent years cultivating, so save yourself some time and hassle and ask for a referral from their Circle of 12 the next time you're looking for a mover, or anyone associated with your relocation process.

They Know What You'll Need

Another thing Lawson does to help his clients on moving day is give them a moving day survival kit that includes all the little things they will need on the day of the move. He includes things like light bulbs, rags, masking tape, cleaners, Gatorade, granola bars, batteries, a small tool kit, and soda or wine.

His kit is a great idea. Moving day is stressful enough. The last thing you want to do is be working in a dark house and wondering where's the box you packed all the light bulbs in.

They Know How to Vet Another Agent

Some agents help their clients with relocation in other ways. Dan Fortune, from the iMPACT Group of Keller Williams in Broomfield, says one of the things he does for his clients who are relocating to another city or state is help them find a good agent in the area they are moving to. Finding that right professional may be daunting to the home buyer, but it's a simple vetting process for Fortune.

First he does some internet digging to find the area's top 4 or 5 agents. Then he calls each one personally and thoroughly reviews their credentials and experience. He asks them about their philosophy, how many brokers they have on staff, and whether they themselves own any investment properties. (Investment properties are one indicator of how successful an agent is in the market.) He'll then pass on the one or two names of agents he thinks are the most qualified and best fit for his client. In every instance that he's provided this service, the client took his recommendation and it simplified another step in their moving process.

You may not have thought a real estate agent can help you with your Denver move, but these tips are worth using.