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Where To Find Free Moving Boxes In Denver

Every time you move, it seems you find yourself back at the store trying to remember everything you need to make your move go smoothly. Without fail, there is always something that gets forgotten, bringing the packing process to a complete halt. One of the toughest moving supplies to get is the right amount of moving boxes for all of your belongings. Not only is it tedious to have to keep going back to the store, hoping they have enough boxes that are the right size, but it is also expensive. We've given you a few go-to spots to find free moving boxes in Denver before, but we're back with even more places to find free boxes that would go to waste otherwise.

Your Friends, Colleagues, Or Neighbors Who Just Moved

If you're preparing for a move, keep an eye out for people who are moving into your building or neighborhood. Additionally, keep your ears peeled for friends or colleagues talking about an upcoming move. These people are the perfect resource for free moving boxes in Denver. Ask if they'd be willing to donate their boxes to you when they are finished with them.


If you're looking for free moving boxes in Denver, Craigslist is another great option. Type in “boxes” to your location's search bar. You can then use the categories to narrow down the results to free listings in your area. If you don't have any friends or colleagues who are moving around the same time you are that you can snag gently used boxes from, Craigslist helps you expand your network to others around you who are getting rid of boxes.

Local Restaurants

If you can't find what you're looking for on Craigslist, getting in touch with nearby restaurants is another great way to find free moving boxes in Denver. Find out when restaurants near you get their supplies shipped in. Restaurants order their ingredients and other supplies in bulk, so you'll have first pick of an assortment of ideal sized boxes for moving if you're there on the delivery day.

McDonald's Fry Boxes

One restaurant that should be first on your list is McDonald's. The boxes that the french fries come in are heavy duty and exceptionally sturdy. The fries come frozen, so you don't have to worry about grease weakening the integrity of boxes. McDonald's goes through more than 9 million pounds of french fries across the globe every day. That means there is quite literally tons of boxes that just get recycled at the end of the day if there is no other use for them.


Along the same lines as restaurants, retailers also bring in loads of boxes that simply get recycled at the end of the day. Ask around at nearby stores and find out when they are getting their next shipment and see if they'd be willing to give you the boxes after they are unloaded. From books to clothes, you can find a variety of different sized boxes for your packing needs.

Pet Stores

One retailer that you might not think to ask for free moving boxes in Denver is your local pet stores. With such a large number of animals on site, pet stores go through an abundance of food, meaning they have to order them in bulk. You'll find high-quality, durable boxes that are a great size for packing and moving.


Your local schools ship in everything from lunch food to library books to office supplies. Just like other organizations, the boxes just go to waste after they are unloaded, so getting in touch with the administrative team at your local school would be a great option for finding free moving boxes in Denver.

Yard Sales

Yard sales can be a very lucrative place to find free moving boxes in Denver, especially if you are moving in the Springtime when yard sales seem to pop up on every block. Look for neighborhood sponsored garage sale weekends and walk through the sales to see if they'd be willing to donate their boxes when they are finished with them.

Your Guide To Finding Free Moving Boxes In Denver

Whether you're checking local retailers or browsing your neighborhood garage sales, there are plenty of places to find free moving boxes in Denver. If you're preparing for a move and need assistance, contact the pros at Amazing Moves today to learn more about our moving and packing services.