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Why Amazing Moves is Among the Best Moving Companies in Denver

At Amazing Moves, we provide full-service moving for homeowners and businesses alike. As one of the best moving companies in Denver, our movers are trained professionals who know how to handle everything safely and efficiently. Whether it’s packing up your belongings or unpacking them once they arrive, our movers take care of every detail for you.

We offer our service a la carte, so you can customize your move to your needs. Our movers will pack your items properly, label boxes and crates, and ensure nothing gets damaged during transport. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what makes a great moving company and why so many throughout the Denver metro area consider us to be among the best moving companies in the area.

What Makes the Best Moving Companies in Denver?

Moving is stressful and you have a million things to keep track of throughout the process. That’s why it’s important to hire a moving company you can trust. As you compare your options for movers in Denver, make sure you keep an eye out for the following things. It can make a huge difference on the success of your moving day.

Have High Recommendations/Reviews

It's a good thing to ask your friends and family for any referrals they may have when you're looking for a mover. Many in your close circle have moved before and can likely provide insight into their experiences with certain moving companies.

If your friends and/or relatives can’t share referrals, check out the online reviews for each moving company you’re considering. You can get some insight into each company by checking reviews online.

Don’t just pay attention to the star rating; make sure you read the details of the reviews too. Did the movers show up on time? Were they nice? Did they do what was promised? However, remember to keep in mind that people tend to write reviews only when they’ve had an excellent or terrible experience.

After narrowing your choices down, you can also request a list of recent references from the moving company itself. You may be able to get some good advice from those people.

They Have Proper License and Insurance

Moving companies must meet certain requirements in order to operate legally in each state. Those legal requirements include being properly licensed, having insurance coverage, and following safety practices outlined by national governing bodies. In addition, some states require moving companies to pass background checks and drug tests prior to getting their licenses. Moving companies that aren't licensed and/or insured could face fines and even jail time. And if you trust an unlicensed or uninsured mover, there’s no guarantee they’ll do a good job for you.

Customizable Service

Each new place has its own unique challenges. Maybe you're not sure how you'll ever get the world's most awesome but weirdly shaped sofa out of your living room. Or maybe you're located on the 14th story of your apartment complex and are dreadfully afraid of the number of steps it's going to take to get to move out. Or perhaps you need some temporary space for storing things until you move into your new place.

Because every move is so unique, it helps to have movers who can meet the unique needs of your move. Whatever your requirements are for your upcoming relocation, speak to your moving company to ensure they have the experience, availa­bility, and equipment needed to complete the task safely and effectively.

Get Your Estimate from One of the Best Moving Companies in Denver

Now that you know what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to moving companies in Denver, it’s time to start gathering estimates for your moving day! At Amazing Moves, we are ready to help. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service that we can provide and aim to go above and beyond with every relocation project.

To get an accurate quote for your upcoming move, contact us today!