Thursday, 16 September 2021 13:46

Why It's Best To Hire Local Movers In Denver

Are you moving to or from Denver? If so, you're likely faced with a difficult hiring decision between local movers or a nationwide chain. Each option has its pros and cons, but the right choice is clear: Hire local movers in Denver!

We've rounded up some of the top reasons why it's best to hire a local moving company in Colorado when relocating. Once you consider the advantages of local movers, you'll never work with a national chain ever again.

National Movers vs. Local Movers In Denver

Before we dive in, it's important to note that distance can be a big deciding factor for this decision. Are you planning to move across the country or just to a new part of town? Local moving companies can support long-distance moves, but their bread-and-butter is usually intrastate moves.

That said, in a vast majority of moves, it will still be a good idea to hire local over national.

Superior Customer Experience

When choosing a mover, one of the most important things to carefully consider is the typical customer experience. That experience will encompass everything from the quality of their customer service to the moving day itself. And trust us: there is a stark difference between the typical customer experience at a local moving company vs a nationwide chain.

Local movers depend on their local reputations. If their online ratings drop or their public opinion changes, it will hurt their business in the short and long term (Consumer Reports).

To maintain their local reputations, movers will work hard to ensure every customer experience is nothing short of exceptional. They'll excel at customer service, respond promptly and professionally, and take great care of your things during every stage of the move.

You won't find that type of experience with national moving chains because they don't rely on their reputations as much.

Support A Local Business

These days, it's important to support small local businesses whenever possible. Why? Because your local support benefits the local communities in numerous ways (ISLR). For example, your support for local businesses will:

  • Keep dollars in the local economy
  • Support community development and organizations
  • Help create more jobs in the Colorado community
  • Encourage innovation and low prices thanks to local competition

Don't just give your money away to another faceless corporate company. Instead, support the communities of Colorado by enlisting the help of a local small business.

Greater Knowledge Of Local Area

Have you ever gotten lost on moving day? Even with a GPS, anyone can get confused and turned around when navigating unfamiliar roads. However, if your movers get lost on moving day, that can lead to wasted driving time which can increase your final moving costs significantly. Fortunately, that won't happen with local movers in Denver.

Colorado locals will have extensive knowledge of road systems throughout our state. This allows local movers to utilize the most efficient routes for your move to avoid heavy traffic and time-consuming detours. They'll even know the best places to park the moving truck, which can come in handy in densely populated areas.


While it's not always assured, you can generally expect local movers to offer services at a lower price point. This is mainly due to the fact that local companies are much smaller than national chains. Those smaller operations can allow for greater flexibility in pricing and customer requests.

So if you're looking for a more affordable option for your move, then local movers are likely the way to go.

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