Monday, 19 September 2016 11:59

Will You be Ready for Your Commercial Move?

When it comes to a commercial move, it is important to plan ahead and be strategic in your efforts. We have some tips to get your business rolling again as quickly as possible after your move.

Plan Your Move

It is ideal to plan a move at least six months ahead of time. This allows you time to notify your employees, clients, or customers and to plan and adjust accordingly. Also, a mover with commercial moving experience is preferable so that you can be assured your business is handled efficiently. Movers book up fast, so be sure to secure a moving team for your moving day. It is also important to call your internet service to come the day of or day after your move to get your internet running in your new space.

Contact Both Buildings

It is important to contact both buildings that you are moving to and from. Some buildings can be particular about the hours you can move. Often your move time will be set for non-business hours. These off-hours will work to your business’s benefit for a few reasons. First, it won’t interrupt your work schedule. Second, moving during off hours will help you avoid traffic on the street and tenant traffic on the elevators. If your building has loading bays, moving during off hours will make it easier to reserve one for loading or unloading.

Measurements and Maintenance

Ask the building manager for the measurements of your new office space. Even better, try to schedule a visit before you move in so you can decide how and where you’ll be setting things up which will make moving in and unpacking faster. Snagging a run-through with the building manager before the move will also give you the chance to check for light bulbs that are out or outlets that don’t work. That way you can get building maintenance to fix issues before you get in there.

Design Your Office Space

With your new office measurements in hand, section off areas in the new space and plan how your furniture and office equipment are going to fit into each section. Label or color code each of these sections. When packing up, label or color the boxes and larger office items according to their designated areas. This will let your moving team know where to set things down, saving you time sorting or re-moving things later.

Track Your Inventory

Use your packing time to sort and track what you have, get rid of things you don't need, and purchase things that you will need for the new space. Take pictures of computer wiring and other tech hook-ups so you can get these things up and running quickly when you unpack.

Change Your Address Listings

Be sure to change your address as soon as you possibly can. Your business listing on Google Plus and other search networks like Yahoo will need to send you a code to verify your new address. This comes on a postcard via snail mail, so put your request in as soon as you can receive mail in your new space.

Update Your Brand Materials

Remember that your letterhead, websites, email signatures, business cards, and other office materials will need to have the correct address on them. Notify your designer and printer about the changes before you move so you can have these items updated and reprinted if need be by the time you unpack.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to commercial moving is efficiency. Planning ahead will help you manage the move seamlessly without incurring any time lost in the office. Contact Amazing Moves today for the best Denver commercial mover.