Monday, 09 February 2015 15:03

Winter Time…And Moving is Easy!

Rain, shine or snow, a move needs to take place as scheduled if at all possible. Moves are planned well in advance so if you’re moving, don’t assume the big day will be a sunny day. If you’ve hired a professional mover, you can be confident they’re prepared for the worst a winter move can offer, but there are some things you can do to help make the move quick and clean on even the nastiest winter day!

  1. Make sure your utilities are turned on in the new house. Doors will be open for extended periods during the move and everyone, yourself included, will appreciate a break from the elements.
  2. Shorten the path from the truck to the house. Work ahead of time with your mover to determine if the best point of access is through the garage, front door, back door or some other route. Then clear the path to allow the truck to get as close to that point as possible. You may need to plan ahead with your neighbors if they will be inconvenienced in any way.
  3. When it’s still dry outside, thoroughly sweep the route so that if it rains or snows, the issue will be water and not mud.
  4. Think twice about putting down salt or sand this can get tracked into the house. Instead remove any ice and keep the path shoveled continually during the move. Go ahead and use sand or salt only as a last resort because safety is the most important factor.
  5. Don’t put down “runners” inside the house without talking to your mover. Good movers will have blankets or cardboard they can lay down in entry ways to help catch most of the moisture. Scattering other types of rugs and towels on the floors throughout the house can be a safety hazard for the movers.
  6. Don’t pack items like snow shovels, cleaning supplies and boots. Make sure they’re accessible
  7. Board your pets on moving day. Doors will be propped open and pets going in and out can track water and mud on a snowy moving day.