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 You just moved to Denver and baked your first cake. Didn't come out quite as you expected, did it? That's because baking works a little different at 5,280 feet above sea level.

The air pressure here is lower, and moisture evaporates more quickly which throws the balance of ingredients in a baking formula out of whack. Things like cream, eggs, and water evaporate before an item is finished baking, so adding a little more sugar and flour can go a long way.

Additionally, gases expand more in high altitude so your dough will rise faster. Combat this by decreasing leavening agents, such as baking soda and baking powder.

Moving to a colder climate? Learn how to properly prepare your home for winter with these 35 tips from Denver movers who are familiar with the Colorado winters.

The holidays are over...ho-hum. Learn how to safely store your holiday decorations with these 24 tips.

    1. Did you like the way your decorations were arranged this year? Take a picture so you can do it again next year.
    2. Before you start packing your holiday decorations, declutter and throw away the decorations that you no longer want.
    3. Before purchasing storage containers, take inventory of how much you have to pack and then go buy containers.

Denver used to be considered a flyover city. It was somewhere between sunny California and the hustle and bustle of New York. Now it's a top lifestyle city, and people are moving here in droves.

According to the Denver Office of Economic Development, (OED) the Denver metro area currently has a population of 2.7 million people and our growth has consistently outpaced the national rate every decade since the 1930s. By 2030, Denver's population is expected to increase by almost 50%. That equates to 3.9 million people and a lot of moving trucks in our city between now and then.

With our beautiful landscape and booming economy, we can't blame people for wanting to move to Denver. Moving to the mile high city for most people means moving up. And by up, we mean in altitude. Denver is 5,280 feet above sea level, so here are five tips to help you make your move to Denver as comfortable as possible.


Moving to a new home? Need to spruce up your home for a showing? Or does your home décor simply need a change? We have collected 30 decorating tips to help your home look its best.

    1. When purchasing a coffee table, make sure it is at the height of your sofa cushion, if not then 1-2” shorter is just fine.
    2. Having trouble sleeping? Pick neutral colors for your bedroom to promote better sleep.
    3. When hanging your curtains, make sure they go all the way down to the ground to give the illusion of larger windows.
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