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Moving is stressful, and sometimes the greatest source of anxiety is wondering if your fragile and breakable items will be safe. Mirrors, wine bottles, picture frames, and stereo equipment are all one careless drop away from a total loss. To make sure your fine china, ceramics, glass, and more stay safe and secure while you move, follow these easy tips.

Moving can be difficult and stressful for all involved, but often it’s for the best. Whether you’re considering moving because new opportunities are calling you, your significant other lives elsewhere, or simply for a change in weather, here are 5 tell-tale signs it’s time to make a move.

After you’re finished with your big move comes the fun part: decorating your new home. Yes, moving can be exhausting, and decorating your house may be the last thing you want to think about, but here are some simple ways to get your home looking finished without having to work too hard.

Before an out-of-state move, it’s wise to figure out what your living situation will look like in your new city. (It’s also smart to book a Denver mover, as soon as possible, but I digress.) But when it comes to deciding whether to rent or to buy, it’s not always an easy decision to make. However, most experts recommend renting first when you move to a new area. Here are some reasons why renting is a better idea than buying when moving to a new state.

Moving heavy furniture on your own isn’t easy, and often provides an unfortunate opportunity for accidents to occur. With all the stress of moving, the last thing you want is to seriously injure yourself. If you decide to move heavy objects on your own, here are some tips to keep you safe.

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