Wednesday, 16 November 2022 10:43

PODS Vs. Moving Companies – What is The Difference?

Which option is best for your upcoming move: pods vs moving companies? A do-it-yourself (DIY) portable container moving solution is one of the most popular methods of moving today. That’s because pods are perceived as the easiest and cheapest option for moving day, but is it the right choice for you?

Many people choose a portable self-service container option like a pod because they're not familiar with moving services. Many may not realize that professional movers can help them move quickly and locally just like they would with a long-distance move. In a majority of cases, it will be a better decision to opt for professional movers over a pod.

Understanding Professional Moving Companies

A professional moving company offers a variety of moving services that can take care of everything involved in relocating your home or office. From packing boxes to unloading furniture, a professional mover can take care of it all depending on your needs. These types of moving services allow you to focus on what matters most and get your family ready to enjoy your next destination.

When compared to the DIY approach, professional movers offer great customer service, superior quality equipment, and comprehensive insurance coverage. They're also able to provide a smooth transition into your new space since they know how to pack efficiently and safely.

What is a Portable Moving Service?

A portable moving service, like PODS, will usually use a large rectangular storage container that gets delivered to your house, is loaded onto a truck, and then driven away to your new home. It is delivered to your new place where you unload everything into your new home.

There are many different types of moving containers. You’ll see different types of moving containers used for commercial moves, residential moves, international moves, and even some specialty items such as wine cellars. Most people use moving containers because they want to avoid hiring movers and paying for expensive shipping costs.

PODS vs. Moving Companies

Moving your home can be stressful enough without worrying about protecting your possessions. While there are many ways to do this, hiring a professional mover is one of the best options out there

A mover can offer you peace of mind knowing your things are protected throughout the entire process. In fact, each move comes with a standard value protection plan, at no extra charge to you. This plan protects your belongings from being damaged during transport and helps ensure they arrive safely at your destination.

When opting for a pod, it may be cheaper and you may benefit from more flexible timing. However, you will have to move your own belongings into the pod and there is no assurance your belongings will be safe during transportation.

Experience Less Stress

Moving companies understand how stressful relocations can be. It's hard to keep up with everything that needs to be accomplished. Hiring professional movers can greatly reduce stress and time requirements by taking the physical packing, loading, and moving tasks off your plate, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Moving with a DIY container option doesn't provide that same peace of mind because you're still responsible for the packing, loading, and unloading of your move. On top of that, many people do not fully realize how much stuff they own. For instance, you may believe that based on your home size you may only need one pod for your move, when in fact many larger spaces may require 2-3 pods instead. This creates extra confusion for you and the final cost ends up comparable to a full-service move.

Save yourself some stress, headaches, and time by opting for a local moving company, like Amazing Moves, instead.

Schedule Your Move with a Full-Service Moving Company

When comparing pods vs. moving companies, people often take the pods route because it may save them money. But that isn’t always the case and the process may be complicated than you initially thought. Overall, the benefits of hiring a full-service moving company outweigh the benefits of pods.

If you would like a hassle-free protected move, contact us at Amazing Moves to get your accurate moving estimate.